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In the age of coffee shop warriors, home offices, and working remotely, coworking provides a unique and productive working experience for those who join.


openHAUS is a POC, woman-owned and operated business, and seeks to create space for all people to achieve their most inspired, industrious work. Our members don’t just rent a desk, they have a place to land, a community to tap into and resources ready to deploy in order to work better. We believe that we rise by lifting others, and by using our unique privileges for the betterment of our community and HAUSmates, we will benefit when we lift one another up.


About the Owners

Cole and Dayna Reed are married and run 2 businesses together.

Cole and Dayna Reed feel a strong pull and responsibility as a part of Portland’s small business landscape. In addition to openHAUS,the Reed’s co-own and operate greenHAUS gallery and Boutique as well as blackBOX studios. With decades of professional corporate and artistic experience, the Reed’s have become powerful communicators, successful business women and empathetic community activists.

We are deeply invested in the community and strive to support other POC, women and LGBTQIA+ owned businesses and non profits. As mothers to our young child, Phoenix, we seek to create spaces and businesses where he will be welcome one day, regardless of his race, gender, sexuality, physical or neurological ability. Be more. DO MORE.
— Cole Reed
It is our passion and purpose to create foundations for creatives to thrive and in doing so, pave the way for more strong, sustainable businesses owned by women and POC.
— Dayna Reed